DEI Protect-a-Wire

DEI Protect-a-Wire

Brand: Design Engineering Inc
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Protect expensive spark plug wires from potential burning, cracking, and hardening typically caused by severe under bonnet temperatures. Easily installed by removing distributor cap and sliding Protect-A-Wire over spark plug wire.
Constructed from high temperature resistant glass fiber material, these can protect electrical wiring, speedometer cable, hoses & more, up to 10mm diameter.

Capable of handling direct heat up to 500°F, kit also includes DEI Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes.

2 Cylinder Kit Contains 7ft of sleeving and 6 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes

8 Cylinder Kit Contains 25ft of sleeving and 25 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes


  • Easy to install
  • Colour matched