Ringers 314 Extrication Gloves - The value of hand safety

Ringers Gloves 314 Extrication

Why are safety gloves important?

Most of us take our hands for granted despite using these valuable tools for almost everything we do in all aspects of our lives. Because of their importance to us, hand injuries can have a huge impact on our daily lives, making even the smallest of tasks incredibly difficult or even impossible. Been such a complex body part with lots of moving parts, coupled with how much we use them and their position at the extremity of our arms, hands are incredibly vulnerable to injury.

Types of hand injuries include crushing, fracture, puncture, laceration, abrasion, burns and detachment, all of which bring their own unique long term problems and can happen to anybody.

There are two main types of hazard that cause hand injury, mechanical hazards and contact hazards. A mechanical hazard could be a piece of machinery with moving parts, this could lead to an injury where your hand becomes crushed or trapped within gears or rollers etc.

Contact hazards are things that can cause injury upon contact, some examples are punctures from a sharp object, burns from a hot surface or also from a chemical getting onto your skin. 

The good news is that most hand injuries are preventable by working in a safe manner with correct tools and PPE for the job.





Ringers 314 Extrication Gloves

The Ringers 314 is a specialist glove primarily designed for extrication situations and has several technologies built to protect against the risks experienced in these extreme situations.


Ringers 314 Extrication Glove impact protection


Ringers patented TPR and F3 Technology – Ringers Gloves are built using F3 Technology, with every stitch and material carefully placed for the best fit, form and function. Each panel is pre-curved to follow the form of the hand, this gives a comfortable fit with maximum dexterity which allows the gloves to be worn and not removed for working. The top of the hands and full length of the fingers are protected by TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) which is moulded to flex with every hand movement, again aiding dexterity. This TPR is placed to give protection against impact and crush with the impact energy reduced and spread to reduce the risk of injury.


Ringers 314 Extrication Gloves Kevloc palm


Kevloc grip system – In extrication situations it is essential for safety that you have a strong grip, the Ringers 314 benefit from the Kevloc grip system on the palm and fingers for stronger, long lasting grip even in extreme environments. The palm exceeds rigorous industry standards for cut and puncture resistance which gives you the confidence to handle and work around sharp objects knowing your own safety is not at risk.


Additional strength – No compromise has been made during the construction of the Ringers 314 Extrication Gloves, each panel is glued and then double stitched into place to ensure long term durability and safety. Kevlar stitching is used across the palm to increase strength and grip.


Ringers 314 Extrication Gloves extended cuff


Extended cuff – Working in extrication situations there is often shards of metal and broken glass in the environment which can be damaging to skin, to prevent ingress of these materials into the glove the Ringers 314 Extrication gloves have an extended cuff which is elasticated above the wrist.


Ringers 314 Extrication gloves reflective


High visibility – For increased safety the Ringers 314 are made with high visibility materials to allow you to be seen during day and night conditions. The body of the glove is a bright orange colour with the cuff and TPR edging benefiting from reflective details.


Easy maintenance – The 314 extrication gloves are made from a mix of durable materials that are all fully machine washable. It is also safe for these gloves to be tumbled dried at a low temperature.


The Ringers 314 gloves are an excellent choice for a variety of situations where protection against unpredictable and potentially damaging elements are in the environment, these include and are not limited to rescue extrication for confined spaces, operating of heavy machinery, shipping & unloading of product, vehicle maintenance and technical rescue operations.


Motorsport marshal gloves

For the majority of our product range, our primary market sees us working in and around the world of motorsport. Over the years this has seen us work closely with motorsport marshals, these volunteers are the lifeblood of UK motorsport and without them we couldn’t go racing. Motorsport marshals are the first on the scene when things go wrong, as each race starts they are on standby to jump to action whether it is to recover a broken down car, a stray piece of bodywork or potentially assist with an extrication situation. Hand safety is a necessity for the orange army and the Ringers 314 Extrication gloves have been a firm favourite for them for many years, offering protection against the risks they encounter every weekend.

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