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Torco SGO 100% Synthetic Racing Gear Oil

Brand: Torco
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Torco SGO 100% Synthetic Racing Gear Oil is designed to maximize power efficiency and provide the highest level of gear protection under the most severe speed and load conditions.

It is formulated using a combination of Group IV/V synthetic base oil chemistries and additive technologies providing high shear resistance and 4-5 times the film strength of conventional oils. This combination of base oils and extreme pressure chemistries offer superior wear protection, improved power throughput, longer component life and prevents rust and oxidation.

Available in 75W-90 and 75W-140

Note: For limited-slip or posi-traction differentials use Torco Limited Slip Friction Modifier 
Type F (for all applications except GM) or Type G (for all GM applications)


  • 100% Synthetic Formula
  • Superior shock load and wear protection
  • Increases power throughput
  • Reduces operating temperatures
  • A balanced concentration of race proven chemistries
  • API GL-6
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