Thermo-Tec Kevlar Muffler Cover

Thermo-Tec Kevlar Muffler Cover

Brand: Thermo-Tec
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The Kevlar side can handle continuous temperatures up to 1100°F while the Mylar side is very tough and abrasive resistant. The Kevlar cover reduces radiant heat inside the vehicle, dampens muffler noise, improves life expectancy of muffler, and has a good appearance.

The kit includes stainless steel straps for easy installation.

Also available as a versatile heat shield that can handle radiant up to 3000ºF.



  • Handles continuous temperature up to 1100ºF
  • Reflects 90% of radiant heat up to 3000ºF
  • Reduces radiant heat inside vehicle
  • Dampens muffler noise & vibrations
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Improves Muffler Life
  • Includes stainless steel straps for installation