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Torco RTF Racing Transmission Fluid

Brand: Torco
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Torco RTF Racing Transmission Fluid is 100% synthetic and is specifically engineered to reduce fluid drag for increased power efficiency without compromising component durability.
It is made from a combination of specially selected 100% synthetic Group IV/V base oils proving superior shear resistance and extreme temperature stability.
RTF is specially formulated to exceed the load-carrying and extreme pressure wear protection properties of higher viscosity GL-5 or GL-6 gear oils.
RTF provides anti-score protection for high speed, high load, and high torque shock-loading conditions while allowing the smooth operation of synchronizers.


  • Group IV/V 100% Synthetic Formula
  • Maximizes power throughput
  • Reduces gearbox temperatures
  • Superior level of shock load, EP and wear protection
  • API GL-6
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