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Torco SD-5 Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40

Brand: Torco
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Torco SD-5 100% Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil conserves energy and resources by increasing fuel mileage and extending oil drain intervals.

Formulated using premium synthetic base oils with a balanced anti-wear system, SD-5 provides superior wear protection for today's hard-working heavy-duty diesel engines. The high alkaline reserve protects vital engine components from corrosive acidic byproducts.

SD-5 is low SAPS to protect your engine from wear, even in the presence of soot and other contaminants, while meeting the performance requirements of virtually all HD diesel engine manufacturers.


  • 100% premium synthetic base oils
  • High TBN and low SAPS additive packet
  • Advanced detergents and dispersants provide reduced sulfated ash
  • Outstanding corrosion and oxidation control
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