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Torco SR-5 GDL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil

Brand: Torco
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SR-5 offers the highest level of performance in the Torco Super Street Series line of motor oils.

It is a combination of Group IV PAO and Group V Ester base oils. SR-5 incorporates the same advanced additive system as in the SR-1 covering specifications for Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. SR-5 can extend oil changes up to 15,000 miles.

Available in 5W-30 and 5W-40


  • 100% PAO and ESTER synthetic formula
  • The highest concentration of performance additives allowed by API/ILSAC/ACEA
  • Ester technology prevents deposit formation to keep your engine clean
  • PAO base oils and advanced friction-reducing additives lower operating temperatures and enhance efficiency
  • Shear-stable polymers ensure continued long-term engine protection at high temperatures
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