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Torco T-4R 100% Synthetic 4-Stroke Racing Motorcycle Oil

Brand: Torco
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Torco T-4R 100% synthetic 4-Stroke racing oil provides positive clutch activation, smoother shifting, and the highest degree of anti-wear protection. It is a blend of premium Group III, Group IV, Group V, mPAO, and Ester base oils with an advanced extreme pressure additive system designed for integrated transmissions.

T-4R offers unmatched shear stability to assure prolonged component life and engine performance. Torco's race-proven additive technology increases wear protection and lower operating temperatures as it reduces frictional losses between reciprocating-sliding internal engine components.

Available in 10W-40 and 20W-50. 


  • 100% synthetic Group III, Group IV, Group V, mPAO, and Ester base oils
  • Shear stable formula maintains oil viscosity and film strength at any temperature
  • Provides smooth, positive clutch activation
  • PAO and Ester technology prevents deposit formation in highly loaded race engines
  • Primary/Secondary zinc technology lays down anti-wear film fast and keeps it there
  • Super anti-wear and deposit free performance
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