Varley Red Top 35 Racing Battery

Varley Red Top 35 Racing Battery

Brand: Varley Red Top
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Varley Red Top batteries have been designed to produce the very high cranking currents needed for engine starting from the smallest possible battery. The use of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology ensures that the batteries are of the highest possible quality in terms of both performance and safety.

Please note that this battery is a direct replacement for the Red Flash 750 Morgan Battery. This battery does not come complete with normal automotive battery posts and if these are needed, they can be ordered separately on our website.

Specification of the Red Top™ 35

• Voltage - 12V
• Capacity - 28Ah
• Terminations - M6 Female
• Weight - 10.4kg

Dimensions (mm) (LxHxD) - 165 x 125 x 176

Max. Discharge current (20°C for 30 secs) - 700A


  • Sealed construction, no maintenance
  • Excellent shock & vibration characteristics
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Fast recharge - no current limit providing a voltage-regulated charger is used
  • Fully absorbed electrolyte will not leak if damaged
  • Can be fitted upright or on its side
  • Small, slim batteries fit into restricted space
  • High cranking current provides excellent power to weight ratio
  • Ideal for engine start, especially in harsh environments
  • Non-hazardous transport by land, sea and air