Torco SR-1R racing oils: Excellence on the track

Torco SR-1R racing engine oil

In the world of racing, where every second counts, the choice of engine oil is often the difference between winning and losing. Torco SR-1R Racing Oil, a testament to engineering excellence and the benchmark of performance on the racetrack.

The Torco SR-1R racing oil phenomenon

Torco SR-1R is not just another racing oil; it's a combination of advanced chemistry and engineering. Purpose built as a 100% synthetic racing oil, it's formulated to exceed the demands of professional racing teams and high-power, high-speed enthusiasts alike. With a blend of premium Group III, IV, and V base oils, this oil promises optimal lubrication and unwavering protection, even under the harshest motorsport conditions.

What sets Torco SR-1R apart is its proprietary MPZ racing chemistry, meticulously designed to increase power, efficiency, and engine protection. Whether you're into drag racing, endurance challenges, circuit showdowns, or off-road adventures, Torco SR-1R ensures that your race engine remains protected and performs at its apex, irrespective of the racing challenges thrown its way.

Engine oil grades for all motorsport disciplines 

Available in a wide spectrum of grades, 10W30, 10W40, 10W60, 20W50, and 25W60, Torco SR-1R caters to a diverse range of racing applications. Each grade is a testament to Torco's commitment to delivering precision and performance.

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Engine oil with race winning features

  • Synthetic Perfection: A blend of 100% Group III/IV/V synthetic base oils enriched with race proven MPZ technology.
  • Zero-Shear Polymers: These high-quality polymers resist viscosity thinning, ensuring consistent lubrication even under the most demanding race conditions.
  • Polyol Ester and mPAO Technology: A winning combination that effectively prevents deposit formation and viscosity breakdown in high-performance race engines.
  • ZDDP Additives: A robust formula of primary and secondary ZDDP additives ensures rapid and lasting anti-wear film formation, safeguarding the engine's intricate components.
  • MPZ's Magic: The unique Moly, Zinc, and Phos additives of MPZ create a protective, low-friction film on all metal surfaces, resulting in enhanced horsepower and superior protection.

SR-1R: A perfect match of science and speed

Torco's SR-1R Racing Oil is more than just a lubricant; it's a promise of performance. With metallocene PAO technology, it delivers unparalleled horsepower and oxidation stability. The Polyol Esters ensure film strength in highly loaded engine components, and Group V alkylated naphthalene offers unmatched thermal stability. All these, fortified with MPZ, Torco's race proven additive chemistries, ensure reduced friction in your engine. The result? More power at your wheels, and a performance that's nothing short of legendary.

A Glimpse into the Power of MPZ

While we've touched upon the wonders of MPZ, it's essential to note that the power and potential of Torco’s MPZ racing chemistry are so vast that it deserves its own spotlight. Stay tuned, as we'll be dedicating an exclusive bonus post in this series solely to MPZ, discussing its secrets and showcasing its power.

Remember, Torco SR-1R Racing Oil is not just a choice; it's a statement. A statement of power, performance, and unmatched excellence.

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